Text 8 Sep 5 notes All Aboard the HARDSTYLE SHUTTLE!!

LISTEN UP HARD DANCE LOVERS!  Do you want to be apart of the very first two-part Hardstyle shuttle?!  Boy, do we have something ridiculous in store for you.

First of all, us Hard Dance lovers and enthusiasts come few and far between. We ban together. We travel in flocks. And we love the SHIT out of the Harder Styles of Dance Music!!!

The situation:  On September 19th we are bringing you an event in Philly called the Explode Tour with HEADHUNTERZ, BRENNAN HEART, ISAAC, and KardiaK… A Hardstyle lovers absolute dream.  On September 28th, Hard Bass Massive is in NY at Amazura with Zatox, Darksiderz, (and many other amazing artists); an event that we have been planning on attending for months.  We decided to hit up Caffeine and Stimulant events, (the company’s behind Hard Bass Massive) and see if there was a way to put our heads together to jointly do something special for both of our events.


That’s when the Hardstyle Shuttle was born!


The Hardstyle Shuttle is a crazy, safe, AND affordable way to get to and from the Explode Tour (as well as Hard Bass Massive a week later: Tickets for Hardstyle Shuttle part 2 sold separately).  SO: No sitting on the Megabus next to a bunch of strangers listening to your headphones to pregame, waiting around for the first bus to leave at 6am to get home, (hoping you make it across the city to catch it), for $30 round trip.

The Shuttle picks all passengers up in an agreed-upon location. It stops to get you food. It plays music. ALL of your fellow Hard Dance lovers are on board. It takes you RIGHT TO THE VENUE. It waits for you and your friends. It picks you up, takes you for food again if you so wish, AND it even has agreed to make a few different stops for drop offs! Seriously… can you beat that?  I didn’t think so ;)

Because of the sensitivity of time with this sort of thing, tickets MUST be purchased by Monday September 16th. First come first serve basis! Tickets are limited!

It doesn’t end the morning of September 20th.  A week or so later, East Side Electro and company will be making our way from Philly/NJ to Amazura in New York on September 28th for a grimy night at Hard Bass Massive.  SAME EXACT situation with the bus. Same price. Same epicness.  We will probably leave from District N9NE (the venue where Headhunterz will be the week before).


Buckle up, it’s time to shuffle up and down the turnpike!

(Spots on the shuttle are limited so please act fast if you would like a spot!)

Purchase tickets for the Hardstyle Shuttle HERE


Tickets to see Headhunterz, Brennan heart, Isaac

Tickets to Hard Bass Massive


1. Where is the bus leaving from in NY? Penn Station, NYC.

2. What time will the bus depart NY? Approximately 6:45pm

3. What time will I be back in NY? The event in Philly ends at 3. It’s up to when everyone decides to get back on the bus.  It also depends if everyone on the bus wants to stop for food.  Approximately 5am.

4. Where is the bus dropping me off? There will be a drop-off where the bus originally left from.  However, the bus company has agreed to make multiple stops for you! (If you are with a group going to one different location, etc.).

Any other questions? E-mail alexa@eastsideelectro.com.

Written By Alexa Ahrem

Text 26 Aug Animal House NYC After Party: 10 Reasons Why You Want to Attend

We all know what’s going on this weekend…..

And if you’re looking for a late-night remedy to keep you partying on and on to close out the summer, we have THE SPOT for you on Friday August 30th: ANIMAL HOUSE, baby. Where the true party animals come out to play…

East Side Electro has teamed up with Esscala Entertainment and Bad Kids Clothing to bring you an event at Santos Party House for your post-festival shenanigans! HERE ARE TEN REASONS WHY YOU WANT TO BE THERE:


1. SPEND LESS…WAY LESS.  We ALL want to keep the party going, but we DON’T always want to spend an arm and a fluffy for parties on TOP of the copious amounts we’re already spending on the festival itself. That’s why we have put together an event that is only $15 online ($20 at the door).

2. SWITCH IT UP. Give your ears a nice change of pace from hearing “Animals: duhduhduhduhduhduh duh. duh. duh.” at 9/10 sets you will attend all weekend.  With genres ranging from tech house/minimal/deep house to progressive/trance/psy trance, Animal House is sure to awaken your hidden animal from 11pm-4am on Friday 8/30.


In a sea of conformity…. be different.

3. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Newsflash: Just because you spend more $$money$$ on a party, DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN its quality will be any better.  Do you really think we would choose unworthy artists to spin the one and only ANIMAL HOUSE?  We’re all ready to prove to you what we’ve got.

4. NO RAVE BABIES. This event is strictly 21+. ‘Nuf Said.


5. THE BAD LIFE. Our beloved buds, Bad Kids Clothing, will have the WHOLE CREW in attendance.  If you don’t understand the caliber of this situation, you will. Animals were born to be BADDDDDD.

6. “LOCALS” DESERVE SUPPORT. (Although most of these guys have played all over with the major cream of the crop “DJs”).  Often I have thoroughly enjoyed someone’s set and found myself asking, “OMG WHO IS THIS?!” The unknown should not be the unexplored. You may surprise yourself when you realize how much more you enjoyed yourself during an Animal House set in comparison to Benassi’s closing.  These ESE/ESSCALA residents bust their asses to put on a great show, lets show them the support they too deserve.

7. VERSUS SETS.  Each DJ will be paired with a counterpart, where they will dual to the DJ deaths. We foresee this getting dark, dirty, and utterly INTENSE.

8. SKILLS UP, HANDS DOWN.  This will be a party where you literally can feel the vibes, melodies, and bass coursing through your body as a result of the ridiculous skill behind the decks… directly resulting in your inability to control your dance movies.


*DISCLAIMER: If the DJs hands are up in the air for longer than five seconds, you have our permission to get behind the decks and give those beat matching machines a little slap.

9. PLANNING.  Just because these guys aren’t playing on a main stage that night, doesn’t mean the same amount of prep work isn’t being put in. I do know that Mi5an7hropia and So Serious have some visually pleasing situations planned out……….

10.  WHY NOT?

Tickets and additional information can be found HERE


We seriously hope to see you animals on Friday. Feel free to e-mail alexa@eastsideelectro.com with any questions or concerns.. we always love to chat with you guys!

Follow us on Twitter! eastsideelectro​

Written by Alexa Ahrem

Text 18 Jul 17 notes The Dance Community


I recently had the privilege of attending Camp Bisco, a 3 day festival outside of Albany. New York. This was the first festival I have ever attended in my life. The experience is something that is hard to put into words, but I will say this: I know that I have picked the right community to make myself a part of. After this past weekend, I couldn’t be more sure of that.

Almost immediately, I felt as though I had walked into something that had been going on for years. A community, a gathering of people all there for the same purpose: to have an adventure. People travelled from all over to experience the music, the sights, and to gather together and escape reality. Everywhere I looked I saw people hanging out, totems flying in the air made out of any random thing you could think of, glovers and hoopers responding to the music. Good vibes were everywhere.


At the end of the weekend, as I reflect, I am struck by how many coincidences there were. I met many random people who I later found out I had other connections to. Since I took a shuttle, I met a girl who I saw throughout the week around the grounds. I later learned her best friend was a girl I went to high school with. I also ran into a guy named Derek Sawaya, who you may know as one of the forces behind Khross, the clothing company who is also a supporter of ESE. I met another girl who was the editor for a blog I almost wrote for, and she recognized my name. Because of this connection we ended up hanging out a lot over the weekend. You may see these things as mere coincidences, but to be honest, if it weren’t for this community of dance music lovers, and my going to Bisco, I wouldn’t have made these new friendships.


At East Side Electro, we recognize this community that has budded around our feet, and we are working to cultivate it. Each day we come up with new ideas for how to bring people together, because in this world that is what is really important. It is our hope that you continue to follow us as we bring you more opportunities to laugh, to sing, and to be yourself all to the greatest soundtracks out there. At the end of the weekend I am humbled by my experience, and I am reminded that we have developed such a great community here at ESE. 

Stick around to see what’s in store.


Austin Meyer

Text 15 Jul VEGAS POST PART 1/2: The Experiences

We know, this post is a tad bit late… but better late than never, especially when the topic is about VEGAS BABY!  Part one covers noteworthy experiences from the trip, and part two will cover what we learned.

(As you may or may not know, Lex won a grant for female entrepreneurs in the Electronic Music industry.  Kerri Mason (Billboard’s EDM contributor) and Kaskade’s manager, Stephanie LeFera, awarded the SkyLight Grant).

Our Mentor Meeting w/ the One and Only Godfather of Raves: DISCO DONNIE -Our chat with Donnie was surreal.  We walked into the bar on the bottom level of the Cosmopolitan and were standing there like two nervous school girls on the first day of Junior High. After 10 minutes or so of awkward walking in circles around the bar, we started our mentor meeting. “Oh good… you guys got beers.  My first piece advice was going to be to always drink during a business meeting.”  Ah yes, what a perfect pairing for us ;)

Lex Talking on the Panel ‘We Are SkyLight: Meet Dance Music’s Future Female Leaders’ - When we walked into the conference room to pick up our packets and I actually saw my name on the board containing the speakers roster, I was so PUMPED.  Words really can’t describe how it felt seeing my name amongst the likes of people such as Pete Tong, Pasquale Rotella, Perry Farrell, and other major players in the world of entertainment and electronica.


The SkyLight panel was the second day… I sat amongst the other two winners where we were able to talk about our business, our inspirations, and our paths. I am truly humbled by this experience and can only hope I make it back onto that panel in the future.


Attending the Electric Daisy CarnivalAfter lots of meetings and constant networking all week, it was time for the reward!  Being veterans of EDC and also being in Vegas for business, we were able to experience EDC from a much different perspective this year. image

 I walked into EDC solo and literally pulled out my phone and took massive amounts of videos and pictures for about an hour; I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The production was completely next-level this year, from the captivating 360 degree main stage with ginormous mushroom and daisy props to the unimaginable art installations; we were BLOWN away.  It’s not something easily explained to one who could not experience it first hand.


I can go on and on about the music, the production, etc. about EDC, so I’ll bring up one of the MANY noteworthy points: The 3D Altervision Blacklight Experience room. OH MY GOD.  You walk in…they give you some special glasses…and your world is transformed.  We were suckered into this separate dimension for probably an hour… It was like being a little curious kid again.  


We appreciate Insomniac’s and Pasquale’s knack for the details; details you can’t find at other massives.  No matter what crevice of the LV Motor Speedway you found yourself in at any moment.. you could guarantee there would be another experience waiting for you, ready to blow your mind all over again.

Meeting Dash Berlin - This experience in itself is pretty self-explanatory… But some points to cover: He was a super down-to-earth dude that wore really spectacular smelling cologne.  


The Life-Long Friendships & Connections - EDM Biz opened so many doors for us in terms of the business connections we made, which we will always be thankful for.  We also made some life-long friends from the trip.  We immediately became family with Derek Sewaya, the owner of the lifestyle brand Khross who stayed in our room for the week… you’ll definitely be seeing some cool partnerships between East Side Electro and Khross in the future.  image

Also the ladies of SkyLight, Kara and Amanda.  Down the road we plan to partner with Kara, owner of Signalfy, for a launch event when her SkyLight grant-winning app. expands into the Philly market.  image

That was the beauty of our EDM Biz experience… It was ALL work and ALL play.  Electronic music brings people together with so much ease and intense passion…especially those who want nothing more than to keep driving this industry forward into exceptional places.  We loved every minute of our experience and are forever thankful…we will surely be back every year from here on out!

Stay tuned for a post about our takeaways from EDC Week and the EDM Biz conference.  As you can expect, we learned a TON of things, which we will share with you.

Written By: Alexa Ahrem

Text 2 Jul Dance Music and The DJing Fad

There has been much debate about the current state of Electronic Music and whether or not certain aspects are fads that will quickly fade, or trends that will continue to morph and grow. From what I learned in Vegas at the EDM Biz Conference (much to my relief), the electronic music entertainment market is just beginning to boom, and there is PLENTY of room for growth and innovation.


That being said, one thing we all know for certain is the whole ‘everybody and their mothers being DJs situation’ is surely a fad. 

As someone who manages artists, I struggle with the idea of how to efficiently help my artists burst through the faddy pool of “book me!” and “listen to my new mix!” cloud of junk. I don’t want to start pushing their music and have people automatically think they’re just another producer/DJ duo trying to quickly capitalize on this craze; I know sometimes I struggle with the same exact predisposition about other DJs and producers.

I sat down with Night Sh!ft the other night for a long time and listened to, discussed, and brainstormed their sound. I was shocked to see that they had about 30 different tracks started dating back to early 2009 (most of our communication is done via technology). Yet they continue to explore, learn and grow their sound so that in the end, these songs are truly a piece of art. They aren’t rushing to finish, throw a song up on Soundcloud, and spam it to the world… they have something called strategy; and in the end, I hope that this strategy and time well-spent pays off for them and all other deserving artists like them.

They told me they work approximately 35-40 hours per week (on top of full time jobs) creating sounds, exploring production programs, and doing whatever else they need to to expand their knowledge. It’s perfectly fine to have a hobby, but I think people should ask themselves: Can I sit in a studio for 35+ hours per week, learning about these tough programs, and still want to be a producer/DJ?

Another point that gets to me: The East Side Electro resident DJs (Mi5an7hropia Antyx So Serious) have been DJing for MANY, MANY years. Thankfully they play all East Side Electro shows, and I am grateful that they are on our team and able to showcase their skills. However, more often than not, I see promoters booking DJs for shows simply because that said DJ is sure to bring at least 50 people with him/her: More proof to me that the DJ fad is unsustainable. People will surely get tired of coming to a show and hearing the opening DJ spinning bangers at 9:45pm and train wrecking the set away. This is why here at East Side Electro, we are constantly obsessed with the quality of our opener’s sets.


On a personal note, I truly admire Mi5an7hropia (ESE andEsscala Entertainment resident DJ). ). He has been DJing since the 90s, and still spins to develop his skills at least once per day. He networks in NYC and Philly every weekend, and pretty much will go anywhere to make worthwhile connections to make his dream a success. He has also been working on tracks for a while now, collaborating with producers and getting feedback from record labels… yet he STILL hasn’t put his music up on the internet. Why you may ask? Because he is obsessed with quality and perfection.

My team and I are all in it for the long haul. 

One more note: We can mostly attribute this obsession with DJing more as an infatuation with the actual lifestyle that big-time DJs lead. It’s definitely an amazing life, but I can take an educated guess when I say that their lives are much more complicated than what meets the eye.

So here’s the question: There is no doubt that everyone wanting to be a DJ is nothing short of a fad that will eventually fade out (lets hope sooner than later), and the truly determined and worthwhile people will continue to ride it out. How long do you think it will take for the craft of DJing (and producing) to go back to its skillful roots and cease to be an over-flooded trade?


Written By Alexa Ahrem 

Alexa on Twitter: @BoomBLokoLex



Text 1 Jul 2 notes Win a VIP Table, FREE handle, a night of hanging with WILL SPARKS and a Will Sparks Signed Poster!

AYE MATES!!!!!! Hang with Australian House Music legend Will Sparks at his Philly show on August 1st! And PERSONALLY present him with a special Philly gift! Or if you aren’t able to make the show, win a signed poster from Will himself! Here’s how:

We are introducing a month-long campaign (30 days of Sparks) entitled “Sparks Will Fly”.  It is a picture submission campaign via twitter and Instagram (or Facebook if you do not have either).



1. Take a picture of what it means to be a PHILLY RAVER (an East Coast raver, or an AMURRICAN raver in general-Just in time for the 4th of JOOLY!) OR take a photo of a scenic American/Philly view.

2. Upload the photo to Instagram or Twitter

3. Use the hashtag #SparksWillFly and tag @EastSideElectro


*We will re-post EVERYONE’S photos on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter and EVERYONE’S picture will be made into a collage presented to Will at the end of the night so he can take a piece of his phILLy fam home with him.

**There will be FOUR winners: A grand prize winner, two runner-ups, and a winner who cannot attend the show.

Grand prize and runner ups will be presenting the collage to Will themselves and taking pictures/hanging with him!!!!

-GRAND PRIZE: FREE ENTRY, a VIP TABLE, and a FREE BOTTLE for you and three friends at Whisper the night of the show.

-RUNNER-UPS receive free entry and a complimentary drink for themselves and a friend. 

-SIGNED POSTER goes to the Will Sparks fan that submits a photo but cannot make the show because they are too far away!


GET CREATIVE. This could mean you dancing in front of LOVE park, dangling off the Empire State Building listening to music, legit WHATEVER being a Philly/American raver means to you!!! Don’t be shy, there’s no right or wrong submission!

Here’s my (on the fly and ridiculous) example: image

We don’t know about you guys, but we want Will to remember this show FOREVER.  Philly fans rave HARD in all ways and forms, and we don’t take stop for an answer; we want to prove this to the Melbourne House master on August 1st!  Don’t we want Will to remember his first EVER US show to be completely nutty with the absolute best crowd?!

Have fun with it, be passionate, and show us what you got! AH YEAH!!

Written by Alexa Ahrem

#SparksWillFly #SparksInPhilly #MelbourneMadness



Instagram: @EastSideElectro

Text 17 Jun 1 note Our Plan to Fight the “EDM Bubble”

EDM. It’s an acronym that is becoming all too familiar. It stands for Electronic Dance Music, which in a sense, is an accurate description of the music we promote. Music that is made through electronic means  that people dance too. The problem with the term “EDM” is that it brings a certain connotation along with it. It’s a term that didn’t exist a few years ago. It’s a term that, in a way, was developed by the media to easily categorize a growing trend of music, that before, was more underground. Now that electronic music has gotten so big, there is good reason to believe that it will reach its peak. It’s what is being described as the “EDM Bubble,” and all bubbles usually burst.

So what does this mean? Does it mean that, say, in the next few years when electronic music may finally surge and implode, drawing people away , that East Side Electro will follow suit? We certainly don’t think so, because for us, it’s always about the music. We hold electronic music close to our hearts, and in a way, we scoff at the term “EDM” because of the implications it carries. With this in mind, we’ve developed ways that we can ensure our continuing efforts in the industry.

How we plan on separating ourselves from competition and remaining relevant in the world of electronic music, even after (and if) the so called “EDM Bubble” were to ever burst:


-Allow for passion combined with business sense and knowledge of music to fuel the forward growth of East Side Electro and the electronic music industry


-Provide and cultivate a learning environment through our internship program which we are currently in the process of building and launching


-Offer innovative ways for consumers to spend money and prepare for nightlife/Electronic music events


-Take an innovative approach to the world of fashion in the scene and explore other routes of business


-Remain professional and considerate, and maintain ethical business practices


-Build a community of people and fans who love the music as much as we do


-Introduce under-explored artists and genres to Philadelphia and eventually other areas



As you can see, we are fully conscious of the state of the scene right now. We plan to adapt to the circumstances with which we face and develop an organization that will last. Right now is only just the beginning. We hope you continue to stick with us!


- Austin

Text 5 Jun Giuseppe Ottaviani Makes His Philadelphia Debut Tomorrow!


Giuseppe Ottaviani is an Italian trance musician that was born in the late 70’s. He began playing the piano at age four and discovered electronic music as a teen. Eventually began playing in clubs in mid-90’s. Since then he has embraced trance music and has produced tons of tracks. He recently released an album titled “Magenta” in addition to a remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like” which has recieved wide acclaim.

With all this in mind, we are truly glad to be attending Ottaviani’s Philadelphia debut show at the Whisper tomorrow! It is important to stress how important that it is for us to have Ottaviani in our city because real, authentic trance music is near and dear to our hearts. This may not be an event of our own, but we feel it is special. It is sure to be amazing and we hope to see some of you East Siders in attendance. This is not an opportunity that comes around very often!

If you are feeling spontaneous and want to go, the Facebook link and his Soundcloud will be posted below. 

Event page:


Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Soundcloud:


Austin Meyer

Text 3 Jun 3 notes Women in Electronic Music

It is obvious to those involved in the electronic music industry that females are under represented. A vast majority of DJ’s and producers are male, and those that are women are few and far between. However, as time moves on, women are making strides in the scene. Producers (and business women) like Reid Speed, Krewella, and DJ’s like Nervo are helping to lead the way for more female talent in a male dominated atmosphere. 

Some believe that if women will eventually be represented more fairly, then things such are “Top Female Producers” lists and awards should go away. By immediately categorizing the producers as female, they are differentiated from men, when all along none of that should matter except the music. Music is genderless and is defined by those who appreciate and enjoy it. It shouldn’t matter if man or a woman made the track.  However we do believe that women should be recognized and appreciated for their accomplishments and contributions to the business.


Another issue that is seen by some as a threat to the empowerment of women in the scene is the fact that women have become very sexualized in the current culture of electronic music. In an article about the fashion shift at festivals over the years, Reid Speed says, “Culture has just become extremely sexually charged in a way that before the internet, wasn’t a thing. While you wanna believe that women are just becoming empowered and feel comfortable with their bodies, I’m not sure that’s what it’s all about.” (http://tiny.cc/vdw2xw) This is a trend that has been seen plenty over the years and will continue to offer up some interesting food for thought.

Now it may seem that if there are few women producers and DJ’s then there must be almost no women working in the background and helping run things. However, this isn’t true. Women work behind the scenes as well as artist managers, as event producers, and even show crews. In this industry there are many different positions, all of which there can be found representation by men and women. It is important to recognize all of the people that work to make the events we love possible.


We here at East Side Electro believe that women will continue to make strides in electronic music. Luckily there are programs in existence that help women to do just that. Our very own Co-Operater Alexa just recieved the Skylight Foundation Grant which will allow her access to the EDMBiz conference, EDC Las Vegas and will provide her with a mentor in the industry to help further the development of East Side Electro and other Electronic Music-based ventures (for her and one other person). (http://edmbiz.com) This foundation was started by artist manager (Kaskade’s manager) Stephanie LaFera and media professional Kerri Mason.  The grant is offered specifically to women in the field.



Alexa is EXTREMELY excited to learn as much as possible and apply it to the business when she returns.  I think it’s safe to say that the future of East Side Electro is about to get TURNT UP!!!

Let us know what you think. Is the male to female ratio getting closer in the electronic music scene? Or is there still a long way to go? Do you agree with Reid Speed’s statement? Are women not being taken seriously because of how they choose to represent themselves? Or should fashion choice not matter?

- Austin Meyer

Text 29 May 8 notes Summer Is Coming


Alright East Siders, it’s almost Summer, and Summer means music. As you may have heard, there is a straight up storm brewing over here. We’re going to be heading out to many of the festivals and events this Summer, and also have a few amazing shows planned for you. We’re just as excited as you are, and can’t wait to share the experience with you.

In this post we want to familiarize you with some of the events we’ll be attending so that you know where to find us. There are tons, and we won’t be at all of them, but we will be at some of the major ones. This Summer you’ll find us at the Veld Music Festival, Electric Zoo, Electric Forest, and Big Dub Festival. These festivals all have some very different things to offer, and take place in a variety of locations. We’ll break them down for you:



Electric Forest takes place in Rothbury, Michigan in the beautiful Sherwood Forest. It also features a waterpark, a lake, horseback riding, and live painting on top of a roster that includes Pretty Lights, Kill The Noise, Empire of the Sun, Morgan Page, and Headhunterz. If you have the chance to make it to this one, GO.



Big Dub Festival takes place in early August in Artemas, Pennsylvania. You may not have heard of this one, as it is a more low key event that focuses on the camping experience over the course of 3 days. Featured acts include Figure, Nit Grit, Minnesota, and Gladkill. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to this Summer’s expensive festivals, check out Big Dub.




The Veld Music Festival is considered one of Canada’s biggest festivals. It is now in its second year and will feature acts such as Deadmau5, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, Sub Focus, and Pleasurekraft. It takes place over two days in August at Downsview Park.


Electric Zoo takes place in New York over Labor Day weekend. It features five stages and will be repping acts like Knife Party, Danny Tenaglia, Markus Schulz and Flux Pavillion. You’ll find the East Side crew here over the course of the weekend.


In addition to all these killer festivals, we’ve got some epic shows planned for you this summer, beginning with Venture Time in July. We’ve teamed up with another Philly Crew, Amp-X, to bring you a true East Side Electro show combined with a dose of the underground…something we have finally decided to dabble in. Featuring an Adventure Time-like themed night, Venture Time challenges you to bring your creative kandi making skills to the table. The night will showcase the talent of some ESE resident DJ’s, some of Amp-X’s DJ’s and a special guest headliner that is sure to blow your minds. DON’T MISS THIS.

We also have other shows planned for August and September that are sure to be killer… including an extremely talented and relevant international artist’s Philly debut. More information will become available with time.

There it is folks, we have an epic summer ahead of us. It will be the best one yet, (I mean it has to be, considering it’s our first one). Get ready to get down on the dance floor, because what we have in store is gonna make you want to move. See you soon East Siders!



- Posted by Austin Meyer

Text 16 May 2 notes EDC NY: Advice and Recommendations

Hey East Siders!!  We are gearing up for EDC NY and wanted to shed some light into what artists we are most excited for, what our after party plans are, etc., as well as give our opinions and advice after attending EDC Vegas 2012!

imageThe BEST playground ever! Our first shot walking into EDC Vegas 2012!


Keep an open mind!

Last year we attended EDC Vegas and it was one HELL of a time.  Each day we walked in it was like a whole new world of discovery; stages and art installations and beings that we didn’t know existed the day prior.  If we had one word of advice for this festival: Keep a VERY open mind and explore a ton!  It felt like our minds were constantly being blown; from the acrobats to the crazy creatures wandering the festival grounds to the moving fire installations… there’s something ridiculous everywhere you go!

imageReppin’ Philly on Day 2!

Don’t obsess over your schedule.

Something else we discovered about this festival is that schedules (for our group at least) were 100% TENTATIVE.  Making a schedule was basically a waste of our time.. we spent hours fixing it up perfectly, but once we were immersed in the night, that schedule went out the window.  Personally, I think it’s best to just go with the flow.  Sometimes too much planning/worrying about sticking to your schedule causes you to miss out on the craziness going on around you.  Unlike Ultra or other festivals, EDC clearly has much more depth.  I am sad to say that I didn’t even get to make it on any rides last year- there was THAT much going on.

This year I am approaching my EDC experience a bit differently- I am soooo excited to be on the production side of this spectacular festival this year!  I’ll be a shift leader for the Night Owls on Friday. 

Friday recommendations: 

NEON GARDEN: Dubfire and Richie Hawtin, especially…DAMN.  There’s nothing the East Side team loves more than groovy tech house and mesmerizing techno beats!

GO SEE HEADHUNTERZ!  Because we’re mother f***in ravers with the HARDSTYLE flavor!  Headhunterz set was RIDICULOUS at EDC LV last year. If you want to go HARD, that’s where you need to be. 

Headhunterz playing his remix of Lessons in Love by Kaskade at EDC LV 2012!

Spend some time at the Wide Awake Art Car Stage!

Do NOT underestimate the power of the artists playing this stage! Some of our best memories were made at the Discovery Stage at EDC last year.  These artists have a lot to prove, so you can bet that they will throw down extra hard to leave an imprint in your memory


Artist goals for Saturday:

( We can guess our list looks a bit different than most ;] )

Sultan & Ned Shepard


Feed Me

Morgan Page

Gareth Emery

Loco Dice

Seven Lions

Empire of the Sun

Carl Cox

Bloody Beetroots

Carl Cox B2B Loco Dice

{Voodoo Tribe- Hardstyle / Magnosis- Trance/Psy Trance}

After parties: I think we are going with the flow for Friday night.  As for Saturday, we wanted to experience some of the underground; we’re trying to get real dirty and grimy. You can most likely find us at the Bustin Loose 3 after party at the Amazura Concert Hall.

We hope we run into some of you guys at some point!! If we do happen to cross paths, don’t forget to snag some East Side Electro swag :D  We will be with our Catch My Bass buds the majority of the time, so grab some swag from them as well!

Catch ya underneath the electric sky!

Written by Alexa Ahrem

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Leave the world behind ya!

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The food pyramid


The food pyramid

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dillon francis himself


dillon francis himself

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